Studio sessions

Attention to detail is very important to get the most from your Pilates program. For this reason Private lessons and small group classes offer you the best chance to master the technique of Pilates and see the results you want. There are class options for both Pilates using equipment and Mat Pilates.

Initial Assessment

Before attending studio group classes an initial assessment is needed. This is an hour long private session that involves a postural assessment, talking about your goals and taking you through some pilates exercises on the mat and equipment. This allows your instructor to work on a program suited specifically to your needs and gives you a chance to see what type of class will suit you best.

If you’ve never done pilates before, it is helpful to follow up this session with a couple of private sessions to really get a hold of the Pilates technique before moving into group classes.

Private studio sessions

One on one classes gives you undivided attention from the instructor. Each lesson your instructor will assess your progress and adapt your program to keep you on target for your fitness goals. With private lessons you can really focus on correct technique and movement, which will improve your body awareness and strength. Best for injury rehabilitation, Pilates beginners and those who want an intensified workout.

Shared studio sessions

Shared studio sessons have a maximum of 2 participants. This works best if you already have a few private sessions under your belt. The instructor will still give you an individualised program as you go through the session on the pilates equipment, you will just be sharing the space with one other person.

Mat classes

Pilates mat classes involve a series of exercises on the floor using your own body for resistance. Small apparatus such as balls, stretch bands and fit circles can be used to increase resistance. Exercises can be adapted for all levels to suit participants in the class. Because there is a lot of work on the floor, this class isn’t suitable for anyone unable to get down and up from the floor easily. This class is great for improving core, flexibility and coordination.