Studio sessions in West End

Pilates classes at Fortitude Valley

Mat Pilates classes and equipment Pilates classes are based at Performance Podiatry and Physiotherapy, West End

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a series of exercises created by Joseph Pilates to improve strength, flexibility, control and overall well being. Exercises are either performed using body weight for resistance or on the Pilates equipment – the reformer, trapeze table and chair. Because all exercises can be modified in strength and focus, Pilates can benefit all fitness types. Benefits include an increase in body awareness, better mobility, coordination and prevention of injuries.

Getting Started

All newcomers to equipment pilates are required to book in for an initial assessment. This allows you to talk with your instructor about your goals and requirements so you get the best program for what you need. After the assessment you can continue with one to one classes with your instructor or move into a semi private studio session.

 Initial Assessment (1hr)

Before attending studio group classes an initial assessment is needed. This one on one session involves a postural assessment and learning the Pilates principles and working through some exercises on both the mat and equipment. This allows your teacher to get to know you and devise a program specific to your needs, and you get a chance to try both styles of pilates to see what you prefer. If you’ve never done pilates before it is helpful to follow up this session with a couple of private one on one sessions to really get a hold of the Pilates technique before moving into group classes. ¬†Book an appointment

Private studio sessions (1hr)

One on one classes gives you undivided attention from the instructor. This allows you to really grasp the Pilates technique and see results faster. Best for injury rehabilitation, beginners or those who want an intensified workout.

Semi private studio sessions (1hr)

Semi private studio sessions have a maximum of 2 participants. This works best if you already have a few private sessions under your belt. The instructor will still give you an individualised program as you go through the session on the Pilates equipment. Exercises are varied each week to adapt to your needs on the day.